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We are a security company, which was founded in October 2006.

Hence, as good business partners we have found more than 1000 enterprises and households, who have entrusted us with their safety.
Central security desk services provided in Ogre, Ķeguma region, Lielvārdes region, Ikskiles region and Salaspils – Saulkalnes novads. We provide physical guarding in 4 sites: Business Park Ogre, Wayne Plus, OK Property, Ogres prestige, as well as security services throughout the Latvian territory, such as: mass event security, dangerous good escorting, etc.

The apartment security guard service is a charge of 19 Eur per month. For private security services, there is a charge of 21 Eur28 Eur per month (subject to change depending on location) Taxes included.

Business guard service charge is determined individually by an agreement. (depending on the area and the degree of difficulty).

Project Manager: Juris Skābarbis

Phone.: +371 283 34 224;
E-mail: juris@rdserviss.lv

We work for your safety!

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P: +371 283 34 224
P: +371 294 18 615
E-mail: rdserviss@rdserviss.lv